Darta HoveyMy actual name is Darren Hovey and Darta is a family name that has been “given” to me since I was a little fella. I share the name with my Dad and three uncles, as well as a great uncle. So when there is a gathering it can be confusing.

I started my teaching in 1988 at St. Mary’s Primary School in Ararat. From there I moved over the road to Marian College, yes I joined the “dark side’ and become a secondary teacher. I journeyed back to primary in 2003 as an Acting Principal at St. Patrick’s in Stawell.

Since 2004 I have remained in secondary education with another 7 years at Marian College, then we moved to Wangaratta for 3 years where I was the Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching at Galen Catholic College.

In 2014 I was appointed as Principal of Catholic College, Wodonga, a role that I love. In 2018 world renowned Cambridge University included Catholic College Wodonga in its list of the globes’ 100 most innovative schools.

I have presented at multiple conferences and schools throughout Australia but also internationally in New Zealand and Japan.

Since 2016, I have developed and delivered the Leadership Development Series at Catholic College Wodonga. This series is at the heart of my belief regarding leadership; that is, as a leader I must support and grow leadership within our community.

A new year, brings new opportunities and in 2022 I commenced my new role as principal of Galen Catholic College in Wangaratta.

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This blog will hopefully reflect my life as an educator who is passionate about learning and teaching, whilst attempting to help a wonderful school continue to reach new horizons.