Leadership Development Series 2023

The Leadership Development Series (LDS) was first offered to the staff at Catholic College Wodonga in 2016, since that time 61 educators have participated in the professional learning series from across the Goulburn Valley and northeast of Victoria, as well as the Riverina region of New South Wales. Educators have included teachers, learning diversity team members and administration staff.

Leadership Development Series is a great opportunity for leaders or those aspiring to leadership to complete professional development over an extended period of time, with a leadership project running alongside the professional development. The two days of professional learning focus on the following topics:

Session 1 – TAKE THE LEAD

  • Identify what people look for and admire in leaders.
  • Explore how these characteristics impact on the work of a leader 
  • Leverage off your strengths by reviewing feedback

Session 2 – LEAD THE WAY

  • Articulate your personal vision for your project to members of your team
  • Engage your team members in creating a shared vision for the project


  • Engage team members in developing innovative approaches to bring the vision of the project to life
  • Identify the steps and possible roadblocks to maintain course and speed. 


  • Build supportive relationships with your team members.
  • Develop skills of team members
  • Research possible resources to enhance outcomes for the team

Session 5 – THE NEXT ‘HORIZON’

  • Recognise the individual and team efforts
  • Understand where you fit on the “leadership line”
  • Reflect on future possibilities for your growth as a leader

A key component of the professional learning is the leadership project, which all participants will complete over the year. Importantly, everyone receives pre and post feedback from up to 15 colleagues. This forms a part of our coaching conversations over the year.

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