Leadership Development Series – part 2

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At the time when I commenced working on the Leadership Development Series in late 2016 I had one mantra: “We will find the next educational horizon, and not catch the next educational wave”. Today this mantra still holds true and I believe it will live with me throughout my career.

I believe this series is one way we will bring this to life. It is my hope that this series provides each participant with the support and guidance that allows them to find the next horizon in their leadership journey.

This series is designed for anyone in a leadership role, or for those considering a role in leadership, regardless of their role in our community.

There are three distinct stages within the series. Firstly, a self and peer review, covering the themes from each of the five core sessions. Secondly, five core sessions which are delivered over the three terms. Thirdly, a second self and peer review. This review at the end of the series forms the basis for future goals and professional development.

Each participant meets with me to discuss the themes and activities from the previous session, as well as their leadership project. The leadership project aligns to an area of interest or the participant’s role in our community. The one stipulation for what makes a project is that it is designed to enhance outcomes for students at our school.

The series draws from the work of Kouzes and Posner (2012) Lencioni (2012), Sinek (2009) and Fullan (2011). Complementing the work of these authors, I have incorporated learning, from professional development led by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL), Atkinson Consulting, and Brendan Spillane. Most importantly in 2016 my Leadership and Development Coach was Dr. Paul Browning, Headmaster of St Paul’s School in Brisbane and the author of “Compelling Leadership”. Paul’s encouragement and the sharing of his experiences has been pivotal in providing the inspiration to move beyond the Leadership Development Series being simply an idea.

In 2017 ten staff from Catholic College Wodonga bravely put their names forward to participate in the series. The following projects were designed and implemented;

  • Damien – Engaging, disengaged Year 10 boys
  • Dee – Integrate digital technologies across domains
  • Heather – Review assessments across Languages curriculum
  • Cassie – Mental health screening tool for Yr. 12 students
  • Lou – Induction process for early career teachers
  • Lisa – Senior students study skills workshop and tools
  • Brad – Improve communication channels across Yr. 7 & Yr. 8
  • Chris – Flipped learning in Visual Arts
  • Kieran – PD for Geography teaching across Yr.7 – Yr.9
  • Ash – PBL unit for financial literacy

This year, the series has undergone a number of changes based on feedback from last year’s group, as well as further research and reflection from professional learning in which I have participated in.

Throughout this year I will post updates of each of the five sessions. In these updates, I will reflect on what the intention of each session was, as well as what I have learnt. It is never lost on me that when we are leading professional development or formation activities with staff, I am also a learner.

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